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Επιδότηση Τόκων Υφιστάμενων Δανείων Μικρών και Μεσαίων Επιχειρήσεων πληττόμενων από τα μέτρα για την αντιμετώπιση της πανδημίας του ιού COVID-19.
Επιδότηση Τόκων Υφιστάμενων Δανείων Μικρών και Μεσαίων Επιχειρήσεων πληττόμενων από τα μέτρα για την αντιμετώπιση της πανδημίας του ιού COVID-19.
A few of our partners that entrust us with their vision


Since 1967, we have been manufacturing products and services for more than 5000 partners from over 10 countries. Our partners are part of our team and actively participate towards our vision. Through our long-term partnerships, the implementation of a comprehensive investment scheme and the organizational reforms, we have accomplished over the last decade to strengthen our worldwide presence and significantly grow our manufacturing capacity in order to become a premier manufacturing company in Europe.



Trust is vital in our work. A key feature of VETA is its strong commitment to its clients’ needs however demanding. Collecting feedback from our partners is an essential factor to our company’s improvement. We promote open communication and maintain mutually beneficial relationships. We are committed to hold long-term relationships with our key partners.

  • "For Würth "quality" means knowing & satisfying the needs of our customers. The selection of our suppliers is of major importance and significance. VETA SA is a reliable associate that understands our needs and it’s really a pleasure working with them!"
    Würth Hellas SA
  • "For us, VETA is not just another subcontractor, is a partner. With its skilled, experienced personnel and its constantly upgraded machinery, is able to cover even the most difficult-urgent needs. Our cooperation all these years is excellent."
  • "Most of our solutions are custom requested, so VETA’s vertical facilities and professional know-how has been vital in our design and prototyping process. VETA has always paid serious attention to detail, quality and speed."
    Στέλιος Καλομοίρης, CEO
  • "Our collaboration with VETA is based on deep relationships of confidence and mutuality. Our reliability and common development is granted. VETA guarantees a successful relation and continuity."
  • "VETA has proved a reliable partner. Relying on its advanced facilities and in-depth experience we can successfully realize our ideas. High quality and excellent communication with VETA’s people are worth to mention."
  • "VETA, one of the leading manufacturing companies in Europe, helps us develop all types of exhibition systems and multi-purpose metal fabrications for Museums all over the world. MUEVO considers itself privileged working strategically with VETA!"
  • "VETA SA is a pioneering company in the field of metal structures and material processing, continuously incorporating latest technologies into production and striving to reduce C02 footprint. Thank you for your support!"
    University of Patras