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Επιδότηση Τόκων Υφιστάμενων Δανείων Μικρών και Μεσαίων Επιχειρήσεων πληττόμενων από τα μέτρα για την αντιμετώπιση της πανδημίας του ιού COVID-19.
Επιδότηση Τόκων Υφιστάμενων Δανείων Μικρών και Μεσαίων Επιχειρήσεων πληττόμενων από τα μέτρα για την αντιμετώπιση της πανδημίας του ιού COVID-19.
More than a metal manufacturer

VETA is a leading manufacturing company specialized in the engineering and fabrication of high-end products for a diverse variety of industries. Founded in 1967, in Athens, Greece, VETA is amongst the first precision sheet metal manufacturers in Southeastern Europe to use cutting - edge industrial technologies. With a strong sales network in Europe and the US, VETA serves high profile clientele and blue chip customers around the world.

Today VETA is a company with the capacity of 3 production plants and 245 employees.

As a result of hard work, heavy investment, collective effort and measurable results, VETA maintains and enjoys the credibility  and confidence from its client base when it comes to subcontracting. As credibility and trustworthiness are the most valuable assets together with integrity and collaborative work, we at VETA, deliver superior quality, value and trust to our clients.


VETA combines the power of collaborative work and technology, to passionately innovate and improve all the factors that enhance the customer experience. We are committed to achieving sustainable performance in its three dimensions – economic, organizational and environmental in a balanced and integrated manner. It's all part of VETA’s ethics. As VETA expands, we go further to make our products better, our employees self-fullfilled while keeping our environmental footprint to the bare minimum.



Operating from a 236,806 sq.ft total plant space and 3 privately owned, state-of-the-art industrial plants, VETA is in a position to deliver a full range of end-to-end engineering services including laser cutting, punch pressing, folding, panel and tube bending, tube laser cutting, machining, fabrication, powder coating as well as installation and assembly.



 VETA offers in-house, an array of innovative fabrication solutions with a strong focus on precision sheet metal manufacturing, components and fabrications.



VETA combines broad manufacturing expertise with cutting-edge technology to strengthen its operational performance and its in-depth understanding in a wide range of manufacturing sectors, serving clients worldwide.



We have an extensive experience in a variety of industries such as retail, information technology, furniture, museum showcases, elevator components, transportation, agricultural machinery, super market checkouts as well as architecture and design.




  • One of the largest sheet metal and tube laser cutting technology users in Europe
  • 236,806 sq.ft total manufacturing facilities space
  • 3 privately owned manufacturing plants located in Athens and Thessaloniki
  • Over 42 proprietary manufacturing technologies and 55 CNC MACHINES
  • 245 employees
  • Average employees age: 38 years
  • Average equipment age: 5 years
  • Serving over 500 customers annually
  • Manufacturing over 97,500 different products per annum
  • Processing annually over 6,500 tons of metal
  • VETA is present directly or via strategic partnerships in 10 countries around the world