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We all have a shared Responsibility to act Ethically

Businesses have great potential to transform people's lives. True to the ethics model, we are committed to conduct business in a way that consistently aligns growth with sustainable social and environmental development and in ways that respect, protect and benefit our employees, clients, suppliers and local communities. For this reason, incorporating CSR concepts into our management is important for the VETA Corporate Governance Strategy.



We recognize that our operations, products, and services have a wider impact and can therefore actively contribute to the social and economic development of the communities in which we operate. We aim to demonstrate these responsibilities through our actions and within our corporate policies. We have therefore determined to bring together our existing operating principles into one framework policy.



Our CSR approach, guided by our 50 year experience, our set of values and underpinned by the Veta ethical code of corporate principles, is placed at the very core or our daily activities. This holistic approach focuses on continuous improvement, with procedures constantly being reviewed to take account of the rapid developments taking place in the manufacturing sector globally.



Our CSR mantra is “integrate CSR in all that we do”. At VETA we know that supporting the communities in which we live in and work, is fundamental to our business. That is all articulated through a comprehensive Corporate Responsibility Policy.



Veta CSR philosophy is about aligning our activities with the expectations of our employees, suppliers, clients and local community in relation to our economic, social, and environmental impacts, acting in long-term perspective. We listen carefully to the wide variety of their needs and expectations, working with them closely as we pursue activities that improve our performance.



We focus our corporate social responsibility (CSR) program in five key areas : governance, economics, environment, social and labour.

  • Environmental protection and sustainability
  • Investing in health and safety systems
  • Socially responsible investment
  • Developing  relationships with employees, suppliers and customers
  • Working in partnership with local stakeholders and communities



In order to achieve our CSR objectives we work toward these goals on a daily basis by consistently monitoring our CSR Policy which is in line with the international standards of labour safety, health and environmental protection, strictly complied with the National and European legislation and always kept updated to the latest developments. 

The Social Responsibility Policy of VETA is notified to all staff, subcontractors, partners and to all of the suppliers of the company. We report annually on our progress and performance related to responsible business practices in our annual report.

Our company achieved high Performance 9.6 of 10 in an external independent Ethical audit process that took place in September 2016 by an international organization specialized in delivering Ethical Audit Reports.




We believe that strengthening CSR initiatives will help forge relationships of trust with our people, customers, business partners and other stakeholders. To achieve these targets, the Company's Management is committed to ensure over time all of the necessary resources and take actions for the implementation of the Social Responsibility Policy.



  • The compliance of all of the law provisions relevant to the operation of the company, the protection of the environment and the preservation of natural resources for each task performed
  • The provision of the necessary resources for safety and health of the staff at work.
  • The continuous maintenance of the work environment and to take all of the necessary meters for its improvement.
  • To take all necessary actions for a mutual advantageous and symbiotic relationship with the local community
  • The continuous and effective response to the training needs of the staff
  • The continuous communication with its suppliers and the clients and social responsibility issues
  • The cooperation with the local public or private bodies, the local communities, clients, employees and partners to improve our social responsibility performance
  • The ability to collect feedback  with the aim to settle the targets for the continuous improvement of our CSR activities.



Guided by our set of values, we acknowledge that the active participation of employees in the implementation of the Health and Security Policy is essential for the incorporation of all of all health and safety procedures.  All employees in the company are encouraged to contribute to the effective formulation and implementation of the Health and Security system and its improvement, which is then notified to all of the staff in a circular way.

VETA through the health and security policy is committed: 

  • To fully complied with the Health and Safety laws and regulations for the staff.
  • To put new policies in place and enforce them
  • To enforce all the necessary measures and actions for the prevention of occupational accidents and professional diseases
  • To ensure the full implementation, of the monitoring and reviewing of health and safety by all of the company’s staff members and for the total of its activities.
  •  To enhance the adaption and continuous application of the Health and security procedures, in the case of any change in the internal structure, activity and installation of the equipment.
  • To constantly  review  the Health and Safety plan in  order to set targets for continuous improvement.
  • To continuously update the health and safety plan to avoid occupational accidents.
  • To provide of all of the necessary information and staff training for Health and Safety issues.
  • To ensure the notification of our Health and Safety rules to all interested parties. 



At VETA we seek to contribute to sustainable social and environmental development through all of our corporate activities. Our Environmental Policy is notified to all staff, subcontractors, collaborators and suppliers of the company.

VETA through its Environmental Policy  is committed to:

  • The protection of the environment
  • The compliance of all of the law provisions relevant to the operation of the company and the protection of the environment
  • The conservation of the natural resources in the everyday performance of the company.
  • The continuous and effective response to the training needs of the staff in issues of the environmental policy
  • The continuous communication with its suppliers and the clients and informing them about the environmental protection measures that are taken by the company.
  • To provide all of the necessary resources for maintaining the environmental policy.
  • The ability to collect the results of the environmental policy with the aim to settle the targets for the continuous improvement of the environmental management.