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Tube bending is a metal forming process used to permanently form pipes or tubing. VETA utilizes cutting-edge technology tube bending machinery to create a variety of single or multiple bends in order to reach the desired form.



BLM ELECT 52 - maximum tube O.D. capacity up to 52*1,5mm

 A unique CNC 9 axis machine

Technical features

  • All the critical machine setting parameters set and managed by the CNC control
  • Fixed, variable radius and boost bend up to 5.000 kg
  • High reliability and high productivity
  • Real time bend simulation automatically selecting the shortest and most efficient bending cycle to minimize cycle time and reduce cost
  • Any possible collision points are highlighted and the most practical avoidance routes effected


These processes can be used to form complex shapes out of different types of metal tubing. A tube can be bent in multiple directions and angles. In general, round form is what is used in tube bending. However, square and rectangular tubes and pipes may also be bent to meet special customer’s specifications.

VETA’ s  tube bending specialists pay also attention to the other factors involved in the tube bending process such as, wall thickness, tooling and lubricants as well as the material that will be used.


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