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VETA is proud to have successfully launched the Intersport new store concept with the flagship in Ermou, Athens. The aim of the new concept stores was to engage customers’ senses and make shopping a unique experience. 

Our highly experienced and skilled team has been involved in every critical stage of the manufacturing process from the choice of technology and the definition of work tasks to the final assembling and installation of the final products. Our team often suggested amendment that reduced the final cost.  

Our services included the design, engineering, prototyping and production of the products, as well as installation and logistics. In developing the construction plan a wide range of materials was used such us metal, wood, plexiglass, fabric, electronic parts and prints. 

A new digital experience has been achieved for the shopper with the 3 level biggest store in Greece, more than 2.400m2. More than 150 types of products have been designed, more than 2.550 constructions have been manufactured and more than 30.600 parts have been used in 23 different production phases