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According to VETAs’ holistic approach that focuses on continuous improvement with procedures and equipment constantly being reviewed, on May 2019 has decided to invest on our sheet metal cutting and sheet metal bending services.

The ideal press brake for dynamic production is a fact on our production system. The B3 was designed by combining the features and benefits of electric and hydraulic press brakes with Salvagnini’s in-depth knowledge of automation, software, mechanics and electronics.

Flexible automation, sustainable productivity, adaptive technology are some of extra values that this installation offers to our clients. Adopting scalable and modular automation in press bending means significant improvements in machine availability, extending its independence and flexibility.

Whatever the material, thickness and shape of the part being machined, each specific tooling always has a sure, repeatable and predictable duration in VETA. Investments in automation are increasing precisely because they allow us maximizing the efficiency of the cutting systems, but also that of the downstream activities - and therefore of the entire production process.

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