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Athens June 2018 – EXHIBITION COOK8: “The New Dining Place”

VETA S.A.’s culture is closely associated with initiatives that promote new design ideas in engineering as well as a highly aesthetic sense. Exhibition COOK8 is such an initiative, which is well organized and invites visitors to redefine the architecture of restauration.

Exhibition COOK8 acts in accordance with the homonymous international design competition organized by DOMÉS International Review of Architecture, which brought together 485 participants from 24 countries that collaborated to present 280 project proposals.

The three award winning projects - Glorious holistic, Sea sex & sun and Nefos – had the chance to be implemented in real dimensions (scale 1: 1) at Benaki museum!

VETA S.A. sponsored the construction of project NEFOS. Felix Chun Lam, Ziyang Luo & Yi Ran Weng -the three designers of NEFOS – focused on the influence of social media networking in the contemporary world.

Each dinner, by means of eight staircases, ascends, alone, into a hovering cloud. Twenty-four reflecting mirrors, which represent the 24 hours of the day, reinforce a solitary, but orgiastic, experience, in between real and virtual space.”