Veta's policy of expansion and renewal maintains the company’s competitive edge in precision sheet metal fabrication.

The acquisition of new rotary brush for deburring by TIME SAVERS will significantly increase metal productivity as well as enabling efficiency improvements.

Veta currently owns one deburring machine, the existing plant list also includes 11 press brakes machines, 17 Bystronic laser cutting machines, three wjet cutting machines, three robotic welding cells.



VETA SA awards the big winner of the Engineering in the Mediterrean College Education Awards Ceremony.

Join us at Euroshop 2017, Hall 18/ B19

Veta's Ethical Audit Report 9.6 of 10.

Veta sa installs 21 checkouts in the new store of the AB VASILOPOULOS in Hellinikon.

Panel bending

Veta, amongst providing other forming solutions, provides a panel bending service. A fully automated loading-unloading Salvagnini P4Xe 2116  is in production as of  February 2015.

The Salvagnini machine can process panels up to a maximum of 2180 mm long and form bends up to 167 mm high. The major selling point of the machine is the automatic tool changing, meaning  zero set up time. It can be programmed by importing dxf files using offline software or at the machine, by entering parameters.
The Salvagnini panel bender's ability to switch from one job to the next in seconds makes it  an ideal machine for a subcontracting company like Veta.
Being able to work through medium sized batches without having to change tools has resulted in a great deal of time saving when it comes to sheet metal bending.

salvagnini p4xe -1





 Fields of application


salvagnini-p4xe-6lighting1 salvagnini-p4xe-3


It excels in the production of large panels, such as those in lighting, the industrial air conditioning, cabinets and enclosures,door, refrigeration and architectural cladding sectors.



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