Veta's policy of expansion and renewal maintains the company’s competitive edge in precision sheet metal fabrication.

The acquisition of new rotary brush for deburring by TIME SAVERS will significantly increase metal productivity as well as enabling efficiency improvements.

Veta currently owns one deburring machine, the existing plant list also includes 11 press brakes machines, 17 Bystronic laser cutting machines, three wjet cutting machines, three robotic welding cells.



VETA SA awards the big winner of the Engineering in the Mediterrean College Education Awards Ceremony.

Join us at Euroshop 2017, Hall 18/ B19

Veta's Ethical Audit Report 9.6 of 10.

Veta sa installs 21 checkouts in the new store of the AB VASILOPOULOS in Hellinikon.

Our Values

Our values reflect our purpose, our priorities and the best aspects of our 50 year heritage.

Excellence in Execution.
At Veta we aim at increasing operational efficiency through building critical technological and organizational capabilities. Operational improvement can only be realized through actions and results.
This is why we implement a comprehensive
Quality Management System according to the international manufacturing standards and the latest developments.

Faster, more responsive and closer to customers.
Creating a customer-orientated culture is becoming an essential aspect to modern corporate governance.
Veta focus not only to
create customer satisfaction but creating customer value by building long term relationships, taking into account customer feedback, giving customers insight into every step of the collaboration and offering superior service across multiple production and supply stages.
Veta we aim at being faster, more responsive to changes and closer to our customers.

We embrace innovation.
At Veta we believe that innovation is something you cultivate.
only we invest in new technologies, facilities and organizational methods but we also aim at creating a culture in which every employee is encouraged and empowered to innovate, and whether it's in processes, products or services.

People are our most valuable asset.
Encouraging our people living the brand is positioned at the core of Veta’s corporate culture.
It is only with the dedication of our people that we can
generate long-term value. We achieve this by expanding our people’s professional opportunities, taking a non-discriminatory approach to training, ensuring employee engagement and rewarding their efforts and their contribution to Veta’s long term growth.

Respect for the environment.
Environmental concern is an essential component of our company policy.
Veta is committed to reducing, as far as possible, the environmental impact
of its products and services and managing natural resources in a sustainable process.

Economically efficient.
Integrated into our core corporate policy is the commitment to sustainable development, the creation of long-term value and contribute to the broader public .
Our approach to sustainability is supported by our corporate social responsibility 




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